‘She’s My Maggie. 

Unless she’s being naughty then she’s definitely Margaret! 

It’s been almost two years since we came into each other’s lives, we bonded over a cup of tea and pineapple juice at her wonderful foster mum’s home and then a week later she was home. 

I fell In love with her on Instagram, it was her eyes, they were so deep and special. What else can I tell you about Maggie… 

At first she was so shy and afraid of everything, mostly noises, plastic bags and unfortunately men. Her past must have been hard and her memories still there but with patience and love and care she has changed so much. 

She has a naughty sense of humour! She gets us into trouble at times with other dogs as she lets them know who’s boss in the park and gives newbies a hard time for the first few meets but then she becomes their best friend. 

Our biggest thing in common is our unconditional love for each other. I know how grateful she is for her new life and I’m so grateful for my new life with her in it. Be patient, don’t give up when the going gets tough or you think things are taking too long to change… love conquers all in the end and that’s what most of these precious dogs feel from us.

They really do come out the other side. It may only take a few months or it may take a few years  but know that in the end it will all be worth it. Maggie still has her quirks but everyday she gets stronger and more confident and I’m proud to call her mine. 

Nothing can compare to this process, whatever dog you choose and whatever you experience, both good times and bad, it’s meant to be – for us and for them. Maggie has taught me things as much as I have taught her things and for that I’m also grateful. 

Adopt don’t shop … there is no other way. Thank you Wild at Heart Foundation for all you do for dogs like Maggie and her friends.’

 – Hayley Newstead

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