Sterilisation may not be the most glamorous side of global dog rescue, but we are fervent advocates for its absolute importance; it remains the single most effective, compassionate method of controlling rising stray dog populations around the world. So, whilst it might not be the most “sexy” part of what we do, we’re proud to make it an integral part of our mission.

Over three quarters of the world’s dogs are strays, and the problem is only getting worse. Many countries have no laws against cruelty to animals, and those that do often fail to enforce them, leaving animal-loving communities with little to no support to support the strays in their area. What’s more, many countries seek to control stray dog populations through ‘culling’. This takes many forms – from gassings and shootings, to poisoning, hanging and starvation – but they all have the same consequence: dogs slaughtered in their thousands.

Such actions are both senselessly cruel, and woefully ineffective. The number of strays continues to rise and – unsterilised and unvaccinated – the problem is compounded. Mass-slaughtering is not solving anything.

Instead, we need a more constructive, compassionate response. Wild at Heart Foundation have implemented sterilisation initiatives all over the world; we fund existing spay and neuter campaigns, with a particular focus on countries where animal cruelty is rife, and have have established our own high-volume sterilisation projects. To date, Wild at Heart Foundation have sterilised tens of thousands of dogs, preventing the birth of some 200 million unwanted puppies.

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