Wild at Heart Foundation believe that education – particularly education for children – is the most effective and affirming way to get to the root of the problems stray dogs face all over the world. Our education initiatives create better relationships between humans and animals by:

  • helping people to feel more safe and confident around dogs
  • teaching appropriate behaviour when handling and interacting with dogs
  • dispelling myths around dogs that can be harmful for both humans and animals
  • fostering respect for dogs, the role they play in our lives and society, and our responsibility of care

We believe that learning to love dogs is one of the most rewarding experiences any child can benefit from. We’re honoured to have helped thousands of children (and their parents!) feel safer, happier and more emotionally intelligent around dogs.

The role education plays in the welfare of dogs around the world cannot be underestimated. When humans learn to respect these incredible animals and appreciate the many wonderful things they can bring to our lives, they open themselves up to one of the most amazing symbiotic relationships on this planet.

Regardless of our personal beliefs and preferences, we all have a duty of care towards dogs – a truly unique species that have evolved alongside us for thousands of year. They need our compassion and respect just as much as we need their protection, emotional support, and loyalty. We owe it to the dogs of the world, especially those without human families of their own to protect them, to help instil understanding into all communities.

Teaching local children how to care for and respect dogs

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