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There are 600 million stray dogs in the world

We are committed to compassionately reducing this staggering statistic through rescue and rehoming, sterilisation, and international education.

Projects 24957 dogs sterilised, preventing 278 million puppies from being born into a life of neglect Education 20 rescue and education projects implemented About us Wild at Heart Foundation believe in dog - read our mission and beliefs

Just one litter of stray puppies born today results in 67,000 more homeless dogs living in the streets in only 6 years

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1 billion stray puppies are born every year. 80% of these will die before reaching adolescence due to starvation, disease, neglect, and abuse

Millie & Mitya Two special dogs who just needed one lucky break Dog of the Month Could you be the human Daisie has been looking for? Foster Help a dog in urgent need of love and security Get in touch Contact the Wild at Heart Foundation team
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