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What To Expect – An Honest Account From Adopters

27th August

Finally being ready to adopt your first dog, or getting your home prepared for an addition to the pack, is such an exciting time. If you’re anything like us here at Wild at Heart Foundation, you live and breathe everything dog, so getting your affairs in order and setting your new one up for success is a priority! We have a huge success rate in matching our dogs to their forever homes, and we have seen over 1,800 dogs thriving with their new doating owners, but we’re going to be harsh and honest here – adopting a dog is often not what you expect.  

Dogs of all ages take a considerable time to settle into a new house, especially ones that may have experienced trauma in their pre-rescue life. The different personalities that you see within the first 3-5 months can be a hint towards your dog’s likes and dislikes, but certainly do not define their long-term temperament. During this time, it is essential that concerning behaviours are handled appropriately and calmly, as it will lead to a much stronger and confident bond between you and your pup in the future. So, temporarily discard those utopian thoughts of long walks and dog-friendly pub trips and settle in for an honest account of what to expect when you’re expecting…a dog…

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