Trusts and Foundations

Wild at Heart Foundation works with Trusts and Foundations to deliver impactful global projects, including: 


  • Sterilisation: the single most effective and compassionate method of controlling the rising stray dog populations around the world. We fund sterilisation drives globally and have sterilised over 27,000 dogs.
  • Education: Overseas, we have educated over 25,000 children, including those from South Africa, Puerto Rico, Borneo, Hong Kong and Swaziland, to respect dogs and appreciate the many wonderful things they bring to our lives.
  • Welfare: We provide urgent veterinary treatment and specialist surgery, as well as the provision of food and care items for dogs in need; along with funding for shelter renovations and the evacuation of dogs during emergency situations.


Other Trusts simply help by donating towards our overall running costs, which is always very welcome.

We work to build long term partnerships with our Trust and Foundation partners, so you can see the transformational impact of your support. We provide regular reporting and you will be invited to see the power of your donation first hand, whether in person or virtually.

If you are a Trustee, Trust Director, have contact with a Trust, or if you are setting up a new Trust, we would love to hear from you; so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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