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The roadmap to leaving lockdown – Returning to work

29th April
As the government’s roadmap to life post-Covid creeps ever closer, we’re looking at just a few of the ways that our dogs will be affected by the changes. While we might be itching to hit the pub and see loved ones again, we owe it to our dogs not to forget them at what may be a worrying time for them – after all, they’ve been there for us through it all so it’s only right that we return the favour!

Moving through the stages of lockdown has been quite honestly exhausting. With the end finally in sight, many of us are still unsure of what our week-to-weeks will look like. Whether you’re working from home full time, back in the office or a combination of the two, helping your dog adjust to the changes can be tiresome and frustrating…

Plenty of dogs experience separation anxiety at some point in their lives. This can range from a, “damn, I’d really rather you didn’t go out, but ok.” to a, “Absolutely not. Do NOT go. I love you so much and I am lost without you. To cope I am going to howl and then DESTROY everything”. Safe to say that we have heard more of the latter. If you haven’t yet left your dog at home for a longer period of time, seeing how they cope left in a different room is a good start. Chances are, unfortunately, they are not going to like it…

But that’s where we come in! We want to give you the best tips to ensure you are setting your dog up for success!  

(please remember that these tips are not for everyone. If your dog is showing extreme anxiety, fear or stress in these environments, it is probably best to leave them with someone for the time being. Consult a qualified ‘force-free’ behaviourist to help your dogs)

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