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The roadmap to leaving lockdown – 6 people outdoors

30th April
As the government’s roadmap to life post-Covid creeps ever closer, we’re looking at just a few of the ways that our dogs will be affected by the changes. While we might be itching to hit the pub and see loved ones again, we owe it to our dogs not to forget them at what may be a worrying time for them – after all, they’ve been there for us through it all so it’s only right that we return the favour!

All of our pups are unique. From play styles, to food preferences, we have learnt how to please them as best as we can. So, it should come as no shock that significant changes to their daily routine can have a strong effect on their behaviour. As we move into more open territory and restrictions ease up, let’s take a mo to understand how our pups come into this. 

This one is for all of our rescue and young dog owners out there! Having a new dog settle into your home can take time, especially if it’s a completely new environment. Some of us have delighted in being able to spend a year at home, living the life of cuddles, companionship and one-to-one love. But, for our dogs, all of a suddenthis has been disrupted and now they feel as though their safe space is compromised – The noise is nothing they’ve experienced and someone’s drinking a glass of wine in their usual loo! Try not to feel too guilty, during the majority of the dreaded lockdown, socialisation was off the table and a surprising amount of all dogs are experiencing anxiety around strangers, noise and boundaries.  

To give you that helping hand in easing your dog through this process, we have outlined some tips to make it all a little easier.  

(please remember that these tips are not for everyone. If your dog is showing extreme anxiety, fear or stress in these environments, it is probably best to leave them with someone for the time being. Consult a qualified ‘force-free’ behaviourist to help your dogs)

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