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The Importance of Veterinary Care

28th March

Something both 365 Vet & Wild at Heart Foundation have in common is that we both believe that all dogs deserve a healthy and happy chance at life.

It’s a no brainer – pet’s are like part of the family, so it’s important that you take care of them as you would yourself or any other family member. Monitoring your dog’s health is vital, making sure they are fit, strong and as healthy as they can possibly be. With regular veterinary checks for your dog, you can prevent many different issues within areas such as heartworm, dentistry, vaccine, neuter and grooming.

Even if you keep a close eye on your dog’s health, it’s important to book regular appointments with your vet for thorough check-ups, this allows the vet to pick up anything you haven’t. It also means you can also nip any issues in the bud before they become serious. Dog’s are great at hiding illnesses, so it’s crucial that you have routine appointments to find these problems and deal with them. Some rescue dogs also might require that extra appointment to keep on top of any existing problems too.

Routine Visits

Another advantage of routine check-ups at the vets is that it gets your dog used to your local vet surgery and the staff that work there too. This means that your dog will feel much more comfortable going to their routine visits and become less nervous. In turn, the vets will not be associated with bad or stressful times. It’s common for rescue dogs to be anxious or nervous in new places to start with, so this could really help them to come out of their shell a bit more. Popping into the vets is always a good idea when you’re near too, I’m sure the veterinary nurses would jump at the chance to have a cuddle.


How would you feel if you never brushed your teeth? Uncomfortable! Regular dental maintenance is key for the overall health of your dog, and is often something that’s overlooked. Not only will this prevent bad breath, but will also help prevent any diseases and infections. Dental care is even more important in older dogs, as the bacteria the diseases create can lead to issues in their organs. Poor oral hygiene can not only cause discomfort for your dog but can also cause serious issues like a broken jaw.

Vaccines & Neutering 

Vaccination and neutering is one of the most important things to tackle first and foremost. Just like people, animals need their vaccines too. Depending on where you are in the world, there will be trained veterinary specialists that can help you select the right vaccines for your dog. Vaccinations prevent any harmful diseases, and can significantly impact the overall health and well-being of your dog. Your dog will need regular vaccinations and boosters, some are needed once a year and some every three years. But it is important to get those regular check-ups booked in in-between.

How do Wild at Heart Foundation Help?

The Wild at Heart Foundation supports a number of projects around the world, from South Korea to South Africa!

The team at Wild at Heart Foundation provides rescued dogs with veterinary care and medical attention as part of their rehoming. They believe that a dog deserves the chance to live a happy life, free from the threat of pain, suffering, cruelty and neglect. Working to reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population, their work includes dog rescue, adoption, sterilisation, education initiatives and awareness.

It is estimated that around 1 billion unwanted puppies are born on the street each year, of which are unsterilised and unvaccinated. Once rescued from the streets with the help of Wild at Heart Foundation, they are then provided with the care they need. Some rescues found on the streets may have other health issues, therefore veterinary care is vital for their well-being, to make sure they are fit enough to go to their forever home.

Regular veterinary care is going to be an important part of their life after rescue. At 365 Vet, helping animals in need is our main priority, whether that’s a rescue dog or not. We know that caring for a dog and their needs can be expensive, so we offer genuine products at competitive prices, for you to give your dog the best care possible.

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