Let’s Move This #WalkYourDogMonth 

January is #WalkYourDogMonth, an initiative that highlights the health benefits of walking to both dogs and their owners. Dogs, just like humans, benefit from regular walks for weight management, mental stimulation and health. This dedicated month encourages dog owners to establish a daily walking routine and embrace the adventure. 

The Importance of Walking 

Walking is not just a physical activity for our four-legged friends, it is a holistic experience that combines physical, mental and emotional well-being. Regular walks provide essential exercise, keeping your pup fit and healthy. Additionally, these outings offer crucial mental stimulation especially when given the opportunity to explore new scents, sights and sounds. This shared experience also strengthens the bond between you and your canine companion. 

5 Tips for a Happy Walk 

small beagle running on grass carrying yellow ball in their mouth

Make it Interactive: bring treats and toys along with you to make the walk fun and interactive. These can be used for positive reinforcement during training exercises or just to play fun games with your dog. 

Explore New Areas: Spice up your walks by exploring different routes, terrains and environments that add elements of excitement and ensure your dog’s senses are fully engaged. 

Start Slow: If your dog isn’t used to daily walks, start with shorter manageable distances. As your pup builds up their stamina you can gradually increase the duration and length of them. 

3 dogs on a group walk together. 1 brown dog wearing a pink bandana, 1 black and white scruffy dog and a small brown Chihuahua dog.

Organise Group Walks: Meet other like-minded dog walkers in your community, it is a fantastic way to socialise your dog and meet new people. 

Stay Safe: Ensure your dog is on a leash or if they are able to walk off lead that they have good recall and training. It is also important to be aware of your surroundings and watch out for other dogs, people and cyclists. Take a look at our other blog all about how to stay safe during your walks in the Winter. 

vizsla cuddling with owner in front of reeds- #walkyourdogmonth

#WalkYourDogMonth is more than just a calendar event; it’s an opportunity to build a routine and an even better relationship with your four-legged friend. So, grab the harness, grab your coat and embark on an adventure of daily walks. Let the sound of happy paws on the pavement be your motivation to Walk Your Dog this January. 

You can also turn this challenge into a fundraising opportunity and raise money for stray dogs in need. Head over to our Fundraising Page to find out more!

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