How to Be a More Eco-Friendly Dog Owner 

The threat to our planet not only affects us but also our pets. It is crucial that we make changes throughout all aspects of our lives to ensure that we are doing all we can for the planet we love – we only have one, let’s not waste it. To fit in with the theme of #beatplasticpollution we have found 3 ways to reduce your and your dog’s plastic intake and be an eco-friendly dog owner.

Use Biodegradable Poo Bags 

As a dog owner, there is no escaping the dreaded waste clean-up and this clean-up typically involves rather a lot of plastic. Most pet owners, use about 1-2 bags a day to dispose of waste, which can be up to several hundred bags per year! By shifting to more eco-friendly methods, you could make a huge impact on the environment. 

Look out for biodegradable or compostable poo bags or even try your hand with paper poo bags as these will feature no plastic or micro-plastics whatsoever. Do you have your own compost heap? You could consider composting your dog’s poo as not only does it help the environment but is also a simple, natural and cheap option to create nutrient-rich fertiliser that your garden will love. 

brown wooden poo bin with a sign saying dog waste bin

Buy More Eco-Friendly Toys 

We all want to treat our pups and buy them lots of toys that they’re going to love. However, overbuying is not only bad for the environment but also for your bank account. Consider investing in higher quality toys made from eco-friendly materials as these will last longer for your pup and help your purse in the long run.

We have all gotten carried away with spending when it comes to our pets and their toys, but they may not always find every toy we get them engaging. Why not give away these toys to new homes, plenty of pet food banks would welcome unloved toys to give to dogs in need. Take a look at our Emergency Aid Projects 

We all know about recycling and separating all our rubbish into their designated places. However, why not think about repurposing some of this stuff around the house into toys. Some examples we found; you can make a DIY Snuffle Mat out of old clothes or rags or use an old plastic bottle as a treat dispenser. Here is a great article from the Blue Cross – DIY Pet Toys 

beige dog playing with a multicoloured rope mon the grass

Consider What Your Dog is Eating 

It is also very important to consider what your four-legged friend is eating to make sure it’s not only kind to the planet but also to them.

We love to give our dogs treats, and they are a great tool for training and positive reinforcement. The treats we buy in the supermarket tend to come in plastic heavy packaging. If you make your own dog treats, you can monitor the ingredients, so you know what your dog is eating. Moreover, making dog treats helps reduce plastic use and will work out cheaper. 

However, we understand that not everyone has the time to make dog treats, so ensure that you buy products that come in plastic-free packaging that is recyclable. You can also consider buying your dog food in bulk, which will reduce the amount of packaging and reduce your costs overall. 

brown and white dog balancing a dog treat on his nose

We know times are tough, but making small everyday changes will reduce your plastic intake and help #beatplasticpollution. Many of these changes will also help your bank account, hopefully making the cost-of-living crisis a little bit more bearable.  

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