Being from India herself, Saabira knew there were thousands of street dogs in need of help, but she wanted to do more than donate, she wanted to adopt! And that’s exactly what she did back in October when she welcomed Suzy from Lesvos. It also helped that Saabira had met not one, but two WAHF adopters who were happy to recommend us!

Suzy was gorgeous, no doubt about it, but it was her bio that really won Saabira over: hearing that Suzy was a “polite” puppy who waited for the others to finish eating before she took her turn just melted Saabira’s heart. After months of pining over everyone else’s dogs at the park, Saabira finally had a companion of her own.

But when Suzy arrived, she tucked herself at the back of her crate as far out of reach as possible. Noises startled her and she trembled like a leaf at the mention of walkies; she even gave Saabira’s boyfriend, William, a telling off for daring to get into bed! She showed little interest in toys or food and hated being left alone, leaving Saabira excited to have her own dog, but equally nervous about soothing Suzy’s anxieties.

Thankfully Saabira was committed and patient: she hired a dog walker to break up the day; read training books and watched dozens of self-help videos; browsed dog rescue forums and sought advice on nervousness. Fast forward to today and that patience has truly paid off! Suzy is now a lover of splashing in puddles, playing with other dogs and passively submitting to being decorated with floral collars and funky coats! In the mornings, she impatiently paws Saabira for the leftover milk from her cereal and enjoys rummaging through William’s belongings in hopes of finding a sock to stealthily sneak away with!

Saabira wants everyone to know that while a huge amount of effort goes into dog ownership, and while Suzy may never be the life and soul of the party, all of this is part of the journey you share with each other; there is no substitute for patience, but more often than not, that patience rewards you with a playful, bouncy, affectionate companion like Suzy. A big thankyou to Saabira for never giving up on Suzy, and for sharing your journey with us.


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