‘Sofie joined our family at the very end of October 2106 from Lesvos.  I had heard of her plight on the Wild at Heart Instagram account.  She had been looked after by a lovely lady in Lesvos who sadly had to find homes for her rescues at sort notice.

So I took a bit of a leap of faith and offered help for Sofie, but I heard a few days later that it was alright and someone had already reserved her.

A couple of weeks passed and I received another email asking if I was still interested in offering Sofie a home, as the first one had fallen through.  So I had to break the news to my family that we were getting another dog.  We already had Tess our 1 year old cockapoo.  My family thought I was a little bit mad.

Sofie arrived late afternoon on a Sunday.  We had her couriered here to Leeds as it was the most convenient for us. Animal couriers were brilliant and really cared for the dogs.

She was so happy to meet us and quite submissive.  She and Tess were fine together thankfully.  She relaxed into family life pretty well.

We had a couple toilet training issues as we don’t think that Sofie had lived in a house before.  She also likes sleeping on chairs and tables…

She quickly loved her off lead walks, I knew she wouldn’t want to get lost but she did go quite far at first but would come back…eventually.

She absolutely loves her food and she will loot snacks from kitchen benches if we aren’t careful!

Finishing on a high note, Sofie is the most loving gentle dog in the world, everyone says she is amazing.  I tell everybody I meet in the park about the WAHF.’

-Moyra Richardson

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