‘We had been looking to adopt another dog to keep our current dog company and came across the WAHF website. We kept an eye on the available dogs page almost daily and were in fairly regular contact with them. In Feb 2017, they suggested we have a look at Rufus who was in a foster home in Cyprus. He’d recently been found as a stray and there was no known history on him.  He was good with dogs and children so that was ideal. He was a poodle cross and looked like a black scruffy mutt in the photos but we liked the look of him and decided to go ahead. 

After that it all happened really quickly (due to exceptional circumstances) and within 3 days I was waiting at the motorway services for him to arrive. I was amazed when he strolled off the van wagging his tail, certainly not at all phased by his long journey.  Adopting a dog when you’ve only seen pics is a gamble and we were naturally anxious beforehand but we fell in love instantly. He is such a gentle, loving and ‘chilled out’ dog and everyone who meets him loves him too. 

Due to the time of day we picked him up we couldn’t introduce him to our other dog on neutral territory but thankfully all went well and they hit it off from the start. They have been inseparable ever since.  Luckily he was fully housetrained and knew a few basic commands. His recall is still hit and miss but we are making progress with the help of a whistle. 

The whole process of adopting Rufus was straightforward and we’d have no hesitation in recommending WAHF as there is so much support given both before and afterwards. We wouldn’t be without Rufus now and feel very lucky to have him.  

– Kate Mapleston

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