Rosie & Raff

For Freya and Sammy, the joy of welcoming a WAHF rescue dog into their home was such a wonderful experience that they did it not once, but twice! After adopting Rafferty in 2017, they decided last year that he would benefit from having a four-legged pal around the house and they weren’t wrong! Rosie soon joined them from Lesvos, completing their family.

In both cases it was love at first sight; Freya and Sammy found Raff’s scruffiness particularly irresistible! Like many rescue dogs, the journey from shelter to home can take some getting used to. Raff and Rosie’s adjustment period was eased along by plenty of chicken and Freya and Sammy’s understanding that they would need time and a safe place to call their own. But within a few days, they’d soon realised how much fun having a sibling can be.

It was important to Freya and Sammy that any dogs of theirs would get on well with their nieces and nephews, and it seems they struck gold with Rosie and Raff who get on famously with children. We love to hear stories like these as they truly dispel any myths that rescue dogs are unsuitable for homes with children…in fact, it can be quite the opposite as this foursome has discovered!

Although there were some challenges to overcome along the way, particularly with toilet training (looking at you, Rosie!) with time and repetitiveness, both pups have taken their new routines well and truly in their stride. And there’s been some comical moments along the way too, like the time Raff was found 3 doors up, in the neighbours house, happily chilling with their son…who is also called Rafferty!

For Freya and Sammy, their pups have become the ultimate stress relievers – something all dog-parents can attest to! – and have encouraged them to get out and about more than ever before, discovering new places and enjoying the great outdoors! You can follow their outdoorsy adventures in the beautiful South West over on their Instagram, @rosieandraff! A big thank you to Freya and Sammy for sharing their WAHF journey with us all.

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