‘We had always wanted to adopt but had been given the impression that we wouldn’t be allowed to as we both work full time and live in a flat (albeit with a park on our doorstep). However one night after a long chat with our best friend/flatmate we decided that between the three of us we could at least try! Half an hour later we spotted a litter of incredibly cute, floppy ear-ed, wide eyed puppies on the Wild at Heart Foundation website. They had just been taken into a shelter in Cyprus with their mum and were up for adoption. We filled out the application form and heard back quite quickly. Initially we wanted Larry, but he was reserved so we looked at the rest of the pups. Laura stood out because her colouring was so interesting and she had such big ears she looked like a mini dumbo, so we reserved her.

We went through the home check, which was much more to check that we understood what it meant to take on an adopted dog, than a strict test sort of thing! Olivia was so great and answered all of our questions We nervously waited for the result and when we found it we were successful we were so chuffed. After that we got everything ready for her arrival, we were so worried about having the right toys, food, bedding but actually once she arrived we realised she would lead us to what she wanted!

Wild at Heart were so helpful in sending us information and update pictures, even though they were so busy at the time we adopted. We finally met her at about 8pm at a service station on the M25 and while all the other dogs came bounding out, our little pup was handed to me shaking so much we couldn’t even put her on the floor. Immediately I looked at her red hair and said she should be Roux (french for red haired) but so we didn’t sound too pretentious we settled on Roo!

At first it was really overwhelming as she was so nervous, but between us we had two weeks off work to bond with her – and that really helped. After about 24 hours she began to trust us, slowly she came out of her shell, after a week she was able to go out for a short walk (without freaking out and needing to be carried). Cut to now she’s a fully functioning, confident, happy, playful, ridiculous doggo! All the time we put in with training, bonding and playing was so worth it cos she really needed the structure after such a big shift to her life. We couldn’t imagine life without her now, she’s such a sweet, intelligent dog and she’s gorgeous. I can’t count the amount of times people have approached us asking about her, and where she’s from and what breed she is (still not sure!)

There have been a couple of difficulties as Roo is  a bit wary of men she doesn’t know and can be skittish, however all of that is improving every day. WAHF have been really supportive and helpful, I would 100% recommend adopting through them. There’s nothing nicer than seeing her bounding around in the long grass and thinking how far she’s come in just a few months. Thank you WAHF!’

– Kate Evans

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