Many people who adopt a WAHF dog hear about our work from friends who have also adopted. They say that once you give a rescue dog a second chance at life, there’s no going back! We couldn’t agree more and thankfully, that’s how Warren and Kate felt when they first saw Ralph’s face smiling back at them!

The couple adopted Ralph from Bulgaria late last year and were understandably nervous before picking him up, hoping everything was just perfect for him. Turns out Ralph was equally nervous, and who could blame him given that he was abandoned as such a young age. But Warren and Kate did everything right, taking things slow and giving Ralph all the time he needed to figure out this fabulous new life of his.

Anyone who has rescued a dog knows what a journey it is, and for Warren and Kate it was no exception. Teaching Ralph what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, and watching him learn and develop has been part of their journey together…even if Ralph does have a cheeky side! And with rescue dogs, each milestone is that little bit more special, like seeing Ralph respond to commands (he can even give you a high five!) and flopping down beside them for a cuddle.

And let’s not forget all the ways that adopting a dog can benefit us too. For Warren and Kate, they’ve become more organised with their time and have gained an extra stash of patience they never knew they had! For the couple, Ralph has brought an added level of mindfulness into their home…an impressive feat for an ex-street dog!

A huge thank you to Warren and Kate for letting us share your journey and for showing that the highs of adopting far outweigh the challenges along the way!

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