‘Earlier this year I was desperate to get a dog, my elderly Cairn Terrier was going blind and at 16 was in his twilight years. I was introduced to WAHF by a friend and they sent me details about Otto a scruffy Heinz 57 from Cyprus. A few weeks later, my daughter and I picked him up from a service station and by the time we got him home we were in love.

What can I say about Otto? Honestly, everyone who meets him falls in love with him too! He is so friendly, loving, gentle and trustworthy. I was concerned he may have food issues and separated the dogs at meal times, soon to realise there was no need. I can take away his bowl, other dogs can eat from his bowl, Otto doesn’t mind. Right from the start he was clean in the house, he has no separation anxiety, rarely barks and he loves his walks. To my surprise (and relief!) his recall is brilliant and the sight of him tearing towards me when I call him makes me so happy.

Sadly my Cairn passed away in August and I don’t know how I’d have got through it without Otto, I believe he was sent to me for a reason and I can’t thank you all at WAHF enough for bringing him into my life!’

– Nicky Moore

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