‘Nikki is the most wonderful dog we could have ever asked for and we are beyond happy that we adopted. For sure there have been tough times but we, especially Marco, is very strict and trains a lot with her. I would say that two years after adopting her we are definitely seeing the benefits of all the hard work especially when being confronted by new challenges.

Having our son was an extremely exciting time however we did worry about how Nikki would react because she was always used to all of our attention and a lot of it! We treat her like our daughter!

Nikki has adapted so well to sharing attention and especially sharing her mommy. She has created a very strong bond with Marco and even our son. She runs to him when he cries and sits by him when we aren’t right next to him. When going for walks she will not run too far away from the stroller. The best is that she is not extremely interested in him, if he makes a loud sudden noise or cries she doesn’t jump or get scared she mainly ignores it except for checking on him.

We have definitely worked hard with her. When we first got her house training was very tough especially because she wasn’t used to getting a lot of food so her stomach would have a hard time adjusting to new foods. She ate anything and everything on the streets of London, she pulled on the leash and cried and barked her lungs out if we left her at home alone. It takes a lot of discipline to adopt a dog as you never know what traumas they will come to you with. Nikki was very frightened of men when we first got her and oddly enough believes she’s in invincible to cars she would run in front of one and just assume that they will stop for her.

Also after many times of swimming in the lake and ocean with no trouble Nikki began just swimming out into the middle of the lake or ocean for no apparent reason luckily we always managed to catch her before anything happened (but she did swim very fast) however we have gotten a grip on that issue too.

With whatever issue she might have had or still might get we deal with it as necessary and take it one step at a time. She really is so wonderful and I believe we got very lucky with her she fits into our little family so perfectly.’

– Caroline Bodum

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