‘I have wanted to adopt a rescue dog for a very long time.  Earlier this year, I bit the bullet and decided to go for it and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

 It all started when I read an article in the Evening Standard about Wild at Heart.  I liked what I read and decided to get in touch, I explained the kind of dog I was after, not a long list of requirements but enough for me to think the selection may take a while.  I wanted a dog that I could take to work with me on the tube (so he/she needed to be small enough to carry up escalators), have a temperament that would suit a busy office environment and not be too vocal.  I didn’t expect a quick response, I thought it would take a while to find a potentially suitable dog but within two days I had an email back to say they had found a match – Benny, a dachshund cross currently residing in a dog pound in Cyprus.

I was sent photos and his measurements and was assured that if necessary Wild at Heart’s behaviourist would be available to help with any issues. I was nervous, I had never imagined adopting a dog without meeting them first but I decided that Benny was the dog for me and agreed that I would like to go ahead with the adoption.

Just under two months later I went to collect Benny (soon to be Mouse) from a motorway service station on the M40.  He’d travelled from Cyprus via plane to Paris and channel tunnel to the UK and I was extremely nervous about how he would be when I picked him up.  Myself and my other half went to meet a van containing lots of rescue dogs at 11.45 on a Saturday night, Mouse (formerly Benny) was gently bundled into a dog carrier and we travelled home to London having not even properly introduced ourselves!  Arriving home, we were delighted to finally meet the little chap. Mouse literally flew out of his carrier and skidded across the floor to greet us. We were amazed to discover how happy he was, he was absolutely delighted to meet us and see his new home and then ran straight outside for a wee.  After having played for a while he headed to his new bed and slept the whole night, waking to great excitement at 8am! Licks aplenty from Mouse we realised that we had totally lucked out. Mouse is the most loving, happy, well adjusted, house trained boy. Amazing.

So, in the seven weeks since he was adopted, myself and my partner have fallen totally in love with him.  Mouse is the star of the party at work and greets everyone he meets with great excitement and joy. He travels happily on the tube and train and isn’t fazed one little bit by crowds.  He is quite simply the best and I could not be happier. All who meet him want to know his story and I will tell anyone who will listen how much I owe to Wild at Heart. I only hope that everyone is as lucky as I am.’


– Sarah Mackay

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