Having decided we wanted to get a dog and not found the one who pulled on our heart strings here in the UK, we started looking at the WAHF site. We considered so many of the dogs we saw photos of, but then we found Morphie. She didn’t have much of a back story, but we were told she had a heart of gold, loved people and had had no other interest shown in her so was at risk of being put down as the shelter she was living in was really overcrowded. Despite us not having a garden, Wild at Heart Foundation were happy for us to take her, to save her life. 

After a two month wait we went to pick her up from a petrol station on the M25 on a hot evening in early summer. The doggie courier van pulled up and shaky, nervous looking dogs were handed over to their new owners. Then it was Morphie’s turn. She wagged and wiggled her way off the van, jumped up on Alex for cuddles and covered him in doggie kisses. And she’s been just the same ever since. 

We kept Morphie’s name, though it turns out she had no idea what it was when we got her. Nor did she really know any commands but now knows her name (when she wants to!), knows sit, wait and down (sometimes!) She’s fully house trained, and has only once done a wee inside, on fireworks night. We both work full time and Morph goes to work with Alex some days, spends time with dog sitters from BorrowMyDoggy and DogBuddy other days, or chills at home – going out a couple of times a day with a dog walker. She loves the sofa and cuddles but also adores chasing squirrels in the park. 

She is INCREDIBLE with children, even my 1 year old nephew who pulls on her claws, and my three year old nephew who prods her tummy and counts her spikes (nipples!) When we adopted her she was listed as a Deustche Bracke but we’re pretty sure she isn’t – though we’re not actually sure what she is, maybe pointer/hound/bull terrier combo. She’s also not 100% ok with other dogs. Generally she ignores them, or has a little sniff, but if they growl at her then she sometimes thinks that means fight so has snapped back at a few. 

Other than that Morphie is the most cuddly, loving dog I’ve ever met. People cross roads and move tube carriages to say hi to her. She comes everywhere with us, happily curling up under a restaurant table, being fed goat livers at Tequila Fest or getting on the train to our see our families in the countryside. She’s brought so much happiness and light to our lives and we couldn’t imagine not having her!’

– Rosie Llewellyn

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