‘I have always wanted a dog and eventually through being able to work more from home I decided to explore the possibilities.

As my home is quite small I decided to get a small dog who was settled. I found a lot of the UK charities’ smaller dogs were the first to be selected, and I was never quick enough to make a decision. I then read an article in Harpers Bazaar about WAHF, so filled in their application form online.

Very quickly I was sent a photograph of Meli (Greek for Honey) who was a street dog from Cyprus and was being looked after while she had her puppies. I immediately fell in love with her brown expressive eyes.

WAHF made it so easy to adopt Meli and I had time to prepare while she was busy feeding her babies. I must add Meli arrived in the UK, neutered, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped with a passport.

Collecting Meli with my sister was a memorable day, nearly a year ago! She arrived so quiet after her long journey and didn’t eat very much. Over the next few days we had time to bond and understand each other. I found her to be so quiet and gentle and she loved being cuddled and feeling secure. Even though she was a Mummy she was also a very young dog still.

She was afraid of loud noises and anything behind her but eventually she grew in confidence and has been the most perfect dog. She is extremely intelligent and easy to train, she is loving and so gentle. She is also very sociable with dogs and children but only for a short time. I am pleased to say she now enjoys playing with toys, something I don’t think she did before. The most endearing thing about Meli is how she likes to put on her collar and lead, it’s almost like she is saying she is happy to be owned and loved.

My local vet feels a lot of rescue dogs make very good pets as they are so grateful. I get asked about Meli whenever I am out walking with her, she really is adorable, well I would say that!

Today Meli is my shadow, I feel I’m missing something when she is not around. She brings great joy to me and my family and friends and even my work colleagues and would not hesitate to recommend WAHF.

In fact my neighbour adopted a gorgeous dog from Romania a few months later through WAHF, another success story.

A huge thank you to WAHF for making the world a better place.’

– Emma Clarke

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