‘I had been considering getting a second dog for a while and it was by chance that a friend posted a picture of the dog they were going to adopt on Instagram which is how I found out about Wild at Heart Foundation. They kept us up to date with potential dogs to adopt but it was when I saw Sage (who is now Max) that I knew I wanted him.

He looked like a mutt, multicoloured and mischievous and incredibly cute. When he arrived it took a short while for my other dog, Ralph, to adjust but once they started getting along and playing they became inseparable. Max is very energetic, we’re pretty sure there is some kind of Lurcher and Shepherd in there, two breeds with lots of energy! Having two dogs was hard work at first. I had forgotten the frequent walks to toilet train, the accidents and the training involved but this all settles down within a few months and is worth the effort.

Having Ralph around has definitely helped with Max. He was nervous at first, of cars and busy streets and lots of other things he wasn’t used to, but I think seeing Ralph take it all in his stride taught Max that everything was OK. He can still be a little nervous now. He isn’t that interested in attention from strangers and loud noises and surprises can still startle him, but this could be down to his breed type (Lurchers can be anxious dogs) as much as the fact that he is a rescue.

Through all of this, he became incredibly attached to myself and my husband. He doesn’t really wag his tail (which was odd at first at Ralph’s never stops) but he glues himself to your legs and despite his size he would love to live on my lap. Each morning as soon as the sun comes up (which in the summer is only a few hours after bed time) he sneaks onto the bed and sleeps between my legs. Max was, and continues to be, a real gift. I think adopting a dog is a little hard work compared to buying one – they can be a little older and have stuff you need to work with, but it is so rewarding. He is great company for myself, my husband and my other dog. I don’t feel guilty leaving them alone for a few hours as I know they have each other.

I have no doubt in my mind that adopting was the right thing to do, it breaks my heart to think of the life that could’ve been Max’s and I’m so pleased that he’s part of mine instead.’

– Oliver Peto

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