‘So we’ve had Marley for three months now and he has been perfect ever since the day we got him. He jumped out of the van with his tail wagging and soon became our beautiful fur baby. Someone in the world has missed out on the most lovely dog. We had no trouble house training him, he had just one accident on his first day and from then on started whining at the back door when he needs a wee. 

 He wasn’t massively bothered by food when he first arrived but did have an upset stomach for the first few weeks, but now he is the typical Labrador and is absolutely obsessed with food which made training basic commands easy. He loves human companionship and is very eager to please, he never turns down a fuss. If I am giving him a fuss then return to doing something, he’ll move along to my partner and nudge him for a fuss!

We had our first weekend without him at the start of this month when we had a weekend away so my brother looked after him for the weekend and took him to a house-warming party which Marley apparently LOVED as there were so many people to greet and fuss him as he loves absolutely anyone he meets. 

When he first arrived from Bosnia he had hairless patches on his elbows and under his neck. We assume that on the elbows it was due to sleeping on a hard floor and we wonder if perhaps the patches on his neck were from either a too tight collar, someone tying him up or being dragged around using his collar, but it makes me happy to see that these are now re-growing. Obviously we don’t know where he came from but we have a suspicion that at some point a man has not been very nice to him as when my partner tells him off (more telling him no in a firm voice than anything), he cowers right down to the ground which breaks our heart to see, but thankfully he does not do this with me. How anyone could be nasty to him is beyond me. He is happy all the time, super friendly, quick to house train, never had any destructive tendencies, not food aggressive etc etc. The ONLY negative thing we could say about him is he does enjoy mouthing when he is excited but we are trying to discourage this. 

He is definitely the light of my life and a pampered pooch. I can’t imagine life without him now and him not trying to squeeze through the front door to greet me as soon as I get back from work. He’s a 1 in a million dog and I don’t know what I would do without him. It does make me sad to think he is missing out on having a little dog buddy in the house for him to play with, as he absolutely loves it when he gets to play with the family dogs in the garden. I will convince my partner to get another fur baby one day!’

– Amber-Louise Marks

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