‘We had been looking at rescue dogs on Instagram for some time when I came across the WAHF instagram account and saw Margo (then known as Friday) staring out at me with her beautiful sad looking eyes. I was immediately drawn to her, as was my partner, and we wanted to know more about her and her background. We had to be careful with our choice of dog as we have a little boy of 4 yrs old and an older dog that is 9 yrs old. WAHF gave us as much information as possible and then put up a short video of Margo being very affectionate with the other dogs and that was it, we knew we had to bring her home to us.

 Meeting Margo for the first time was quite emotional – she was smaller than I thought she would be, and she was quite thin. Straight away she leaned in for a cuddle and was so very affectionate and gentle. We could not wait to get her home, and now it feels like she has always been with us!

Even though we have only had Margo for 4 weeks she settled in with my older dog within days, and is brilliant off the lead – running off into the wooded area of our park but always keeping her eyes on us. She loves tugging on her toys and chasing balls, nipping at our toes, playing with other dogs – and cuddling up on the settee with us.  Every day she is up at 6am and ready to play. She seems so happy compared to how she looked in her pound picture – and happiest of all when she is out walking and running free, through the trees and dipping into the stream that goes through our park. Margo is a joy to have and we could not be happier now that she has joined our family – our little boy adores her. We would highly recommend the experience of  having a rescue dog because the love and happiness you get in return is beyond compare and so rewarding! We are so happy that we found each other.’

 – Andrea and Charlene Wissett

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