It was always our plan to add a dog to our little family as we’d both grown up with dogs, but the timing never seemed right. We wanted to make sure we had enough time and structure in our lives so that we could give the dog the best possible home. When we bought our house last year and my job became more flexible, we decided it was time to start looking!

I followed Karen Hauer on Instagram (who is an ambassador of the Foundation) and came across WAHF when she posted a photo of her dogs. We’d always wanted a medium sizes, relatively young dog that could accompany us on long walks and fit in to our active lifestyle. Apart from that we were pretty flexible, and when Jasper came up for adoption, we both fell in love with him immediately. That same evening we filled out the adoption form.

From filling out the form to bringing Jasper home, only took about 3 weeks, which was fantastic! We were quite nervous so having the WAHF team keep us updated really helped – they answered all our questions immediately and took the time to undertake a thorough home check. Picking Jasper up for Cobham Service Station was the most exciting day! When the doors of the van were opened, Jasper was the last to leave and was waiting so patiently to meet us too. 

When we brought Jasper home, we showed him the garden and his bed, then left him to explore. He didn’t seem to know houses, wasn’t used to stairs and was completely mesmerised when we first turned the TV on! The first few nights he slept in the utility room but as soon as we started leaving the door open, he found his preferred spot on the sofa!

We’re always saying how lucky we were with Jasper – we never had any accidents in the house, he doesn’t mind being left alone for a few hours and hardly ever barks (he makes an exception for the postman!) The only thing we noticed was a nervousness around men, especially if they’re quite tall or wearing a hat or big clumpy boots. We’ve been working on this and he’s already getting much better.

Me and Joe have always loved going for walks, but they’re so much better now we have Jasper with us! One of our most memorable moments with Jasper so far is the long weekend we spent in the Yorkshire Dales. We stayed at the most dog-friendly B&B ever (“yes of course the dog can sleep on the bed with you”!) and had a wonderful time going on long walks and spending time together.

Our life has changed a lot but in the best way. Jasper has been the perfect addition to our home and family. We really couldn’t imagine life without him anymore. We’re so grateful to WAHF for bringing Jasper into our life and for all the hard work you do to help dogs like Jasper all over the world – keep it going!

– Laura Pohl

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