‘I have always loved dogs and for about a year before adopting Hugo I had really been feeling something missing in the day-to-day. I grew up with an amazing German/Belgian Shepherd who I absolutely adored and it felt like time to get some dog back into my life. 

We looked at shelters in Sweden, but we couldn’t find a good match, so after a bit of poking around online I found Wild at Heart Foundation. We got in contact with WAHF in June 2016, had a homecheck via Skype the same month, and then just had to wait for someone to travel from Cyprus to Sweden. We had picked out this adorable little Pointer cross and we were so impatient to finally meet him! In August we heard that a woman would be traveling to Gothenburg from Cyprus and could therefore escort Hugo on her journey. 

We rented a car and drove the five hours to Gothenburg to pick up Hugo. He was so tiny, nervous, and stinky. When we opened up his crate he flew out of there and immediately took the toy squirrel from us to race around the grass with. He was quiet and a bit shy for the drive back home, but was mostly so brave! He was experiencing all these new things all at once and was obviously exhausted. He took a couple days to adjust and we needed to house train him. It was pretty intense the first few weeks making sure he was able to be outside enough to avoid accidents indoors, but in hindsight it went really smoothly and he picked it up quickly. 

From our perspective, adopting Hugo has not come with any ‘rescue dog specific’ traits. He was six months old when we got him and everything we have worked on seems to fall solidly into ‘puppy/young dog’ behaviour more than anything rescue-specific. He was teething for a while, needed to learn all basic commands, how to ride the bus, the train, to listen to us, not to hop up on people, not to pull the lead, how to be alone, etc. But he is a quick learner and just the sweetest dog, so even though there have been ‘agh!’ moments they melt away pretty fast. 

Despite living in an apartment Hugo has been happy to adapt to our lifestyle! He gets plenty of outdoor time and exercise and is the biggest couch potato and cuddler when we are home. We really could not have asked for a better dog! We are so happy with the work WAHF does and that they got Hugo to us.’

Morag Ramsey

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