Hector came to us in October 2019. We had been looking for a dog to rehome since our Terrier died in April and, having always had at least one dog in our lives since 1974, we were really missing the company of a dog. We looked at several rehoming sites and when we found Wild at Heart Foundation, and saw the photograph of Hector, we knew he was the one for us!

The Foundation couldn’t have been more helpful with information about Hector. After having vetted us for suitability, they sent two videos of him so that we could see him in his current home of the rescue shelter. He was transported over to the UK by specialists and we were kept posted on their progress, right up until he arrived at our rendezvous, where we collected him and bought him home. After a walk round the garden and some supper, he chose which bed he was having and slept through the night.

It took about 48 hours for him to get used to the house. With a few leg lifts, he quickly got used to toileting outside and now he is very much at home. He is careful around my husband, who has to walk with a quad stick since having a stroke – this is why we wanted an older dog (Hector is 4). I mostly walk him on a lead but am gradually giving him a run and letting him play with other dogs. He loves everybody he meets and is very friendly, although he does want to sort out the Squirrel population! He has also learnt that there is a good chance of a digestive biscuit when the coffee machine goes on! We are so enjoying having him around.

Anne Jackson

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