We adopted Ginger (formerly April) back in June 2019. The adoption very nearly didn’t take place though, with lots of people calling us irresponsible for getting a dog when we both had jobs. We had a major wobble after this, wondering if we were doing the right thing.

By then of course, it was too late – we’d already seen her photo and had fallen in love. We were both adamant that we didn’t want her to be left at home alone while we were working and we also wanted her to be socialised with other dogs. Luckily, as most things in life, everything worked out. We found a wonderful day-care lady who Ginger absolutely adores and she gets to play with other dogs and puppies while we’re at work. The lady even picks her up and drops her off – we’ve been so lucky to find her! I can safely say that our house hasn’t been trashed and we haven’t lost any sleep – she slept through the night from the first day we got her.

The joy she’s brought to our life is immeasurable. She loves running and is so fast – we are lucky to have so many open spaces and woodland near where we live. She has been off-lead from almost as soon as we got her and she has excellent recall. She’s amazing at playing fetch and picks things up so quickly, we think we might have a genius dog on our hands (biased? Us? Of course!) My husband was less keen on getting a dog initially but not he’s absolutely besotted with her – she’s definitely a daddy’s girl! She is just a wonderful, gentle-natured soul and the house now feels strange and empty when she’s not there.

I’m so relieved we didn’t listen to the naysayers. It’s been the best thing we have EVER done! I’m not sure if we’ve just been incredibly lucky with Ginger or whether it’s the fact we gave her rules from the off along with a lot of exercise (a tired dog is a happy dog!) that’s made her such a well balanced dog – maybe a mixture of both.

Thank you so much WAHF for bringing this joyful energy into our life!

– Faye Flanders

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