Lara and Paul’s adoption journey very nearly looked completely different, after initially overlooking Freya. She was, after all, rather camera shy in those early days! But we believed all along that they’d make a perfect match, so after sending the couple some more photos, they were besotted and it wasn’t long before Freya was on her way to Lara and Paul, ready for her new life in Yorkshire.

Rescued from Bulgaria in December 2019, it took Freya a little while to adjust to her new surroundings. But with patience, and gentle encouragement when it was time to go outside or at mealtimes, Freya began to relax and even chose her favorite spot on the sofa! It was Lara and Paul’s unwavering patience and immediate devotion to Freya that ensured the next installment of Freya’s story had a happy ending…

After a couple of weeks in her new home, every dog lover’s worst nightmare ensued when Freya managed to escape! Lost in a new, unfamiliar country, Freya was understandably scared and bolted. Thankfully, Lara and Paul did everything right and, with a team of incredible volunteers, it wasn’t long before Freya found her way back to them. For a dog who had been in the UK only a few weeks, for her to find her own way back to Lara and Tom was nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

After her little escapade, things changed for the new family. Freya was now more comfortable than ever and sought out affection from the couple, who say they’ve been inseparable ever since! And with too many memorable moments to count, we’re delighted that everything worked out for the best. Freya now loves to hang out with her dog pals, bouncing and wagging her tail, bringing joy to everyone!

A huge thank you to Lara, Paul and Freya for sharing your adoption journey with us!


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