‘When you adopt an adult dog you can sometimes half expect them to know all the commands.. most of the time, assuming anything with a rescue is a sure fire way of falling on your arse and looking like an idiot because they can be wholly unpredictable.

Freddie is incredible. Full of life, a wonderful nature, smart, great company and a pretty wonderful snuggler. What his divine face and beautiful amber eyes won’t tell you, is he is terrified of moving vehicles, especially motorbikes. He barks pretty aggressively until they have passed. He needs time to adjust to unfamiliar people (he can grumble when someone new walks through the door) but once you have sat and stroked him for a while, he will be your bestie for life!

Please don’t get me wrong, I think we’ve managed to get a rescue dog who is pretty damn easy in comparison to some stories I’ve followed. He jumps in and out of the car with ease. Sits and waits in the house when I run to the car because I’ve forgotten something, he lets me check his teeth, gums, eyes, under his tail and his claws. He is in daycare from 7am to 5pm every day because I work full time and this has definitely been HUGELY beneficial… he has met every breed of dog possible, has a best friend who is a wolf dog and they run around like maniacs together, he is much more sociable than he was (showed a little too much dominance to other dogs to start with as he’d been bullied on the streets), and his recall is getting better and better (buy a 30m long line from Amazon and just have it running on the floor when you are out walking so if you need to grab them you can).

What I’m trying to say is, if you have the time and the patience, a rescue dog is incredibly rewarding. It’s bloody hard work at times, but a routine helps.

Knowing what I know now, eight months later, I’d still do it all again because he is worth it… any rescue dog is worth it. They deserve to be loved and shown kindness and compassion when all their life they’ve been let down, abused, neglected and tossed out with the rubbish.

It is the best thing we have ever done. He has fitted in to our lives so smoothly and we absolutely adore him!

Thank you WAHF for finding this special little rascal for us. We are so in love!’


– Emma Fitzmaurice

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