We adopted Evie from Cyprus in October 2018. She arrived in the UK in September and had a wonderful foster family to stay with until we collected her.

We had been aware of Wild at Heart for a while, I would regularly head there on my lunch break and send George profiles of dogs we could give a loving home to. One of our friends had also adopted from Wild at Heart and after hearing their experience and seeing what a wonderful pooch their dog is we knew Wild at Heart was the way to go. Adopting from overseas felt like the right choice for us

We fell in love with Evie the moment we saw her photo. I had grown up with a pet spaniel and she had the same soppy, loveable look. Reading her profile a seeing that Wild at Heart knew little about her background but that she was found living in squalor broke our hearts, we knew we make her part of our family straight away.

We had already applied to Wild at Heart to register our interest of adoption and had had our initial phone interview. As soon as we called about Evie things were pretty easy. She was actually already on her way to the UK to stay with her foster family, so the hardest part ended up being figuring out how we were going to get her from County Durham (shout out to my dad who made a 15 hour round trip with me to pick Evie up).

I think the fact that Evie had been in the UK and with a family for a few weeks helped a lot with her settling in. They really were amazing and had other dogs that she could play with. When we brought her back to London, I was admittedly worried that she wouldn’t settle into her new surroundings but she really took it all in her stride which was a real surprise. I took a week off work to make sure she settled in properly/ have plenty of puppy cuddles with her and other than a few toilet accidents everything went smoothly.

Evie is such a joy. She comes to work with me most days and we are often stopped to be told how calm and friendly she is. We have two toddler aged nephews, who can be pretty raucous, but she happily plays with them and will let them walk her on the lead without pulling. We feel so lucky to have found her and can’t thank Wild at Heart enough for the work they do.

Adopting a rescue is a wonderful thing. You’re giving an animal a second chance and whilst there will be challenges (some of which you could get with a non-rescue) they will bring you so much love that you should just go for it.

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