It really felt like getting Ernie was meant to be. I was so sure that he was the one that I messaged Tom straight away saying “this is our pup!” We adopted Ernie from Greece in November 2019 and he fit right in from day one. He even did his very best to win over our cats!

Ernie wasn’t familiar with public, which was understandable really, or having to meet so many new people so this was a real challenge at the beginning. The Wild at Heart Foundation team explained that rescue dogs need time and patience to grow accustomed to their new lives, so we were well prepared for this. He now hops on and off public transport quite happily and is a firm favourite with all our friends now that he’s had time to get to know them.

Adopting Ernie has changed our lives in so many ways but the best has been helping our close friend overcome her fear of dogs. For a little pup from Greece, we think that’s a pretty impressive legacy! Another stand out moment was introducing Ernie to Tom’s family dog, Tyler. Tyler is a rescue Boxer who had a terrible start in life, leaving her fearful and defensive around other dogs. But with some careful introductions, Ernie won Tyler over and the two now play quite happily!

When we adopted Ernie, it’s fair to say that life wasn’t going quite to plan for us but we now look back on those days with fondness because Ernie brought so much love and joy to a time that felt really challenging.

– Natalie and Tom

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