Elroy & Stan

‘I returned to the UK last year after living in the US for a while & immediately started thinking of getting a dog. We looked at a couple of shelters but as I live in an apartment they were not keen to let me adopt one as they regarded a garden as essential. 

Fortunately, a friend of my son’s (he was also looking to get a pooch), suggested WAHF so we had a look at the site & registered an interest. Very soon they were in touch suggesting a couple of wee Beagle mix pups named Elroy & Stan with pictures included. Well, one look at the pics & there was no question, they were ridiculously cute. 

Fortunately WAHF were a bit more flexible in their requirements while obviously having as much concern as the shelters that the dogs would get good homes & the process was handled very smoothly including a Skype home visit & chat with my son & I. Next thing we knew we had a date to pick them up from Edinburgh airport & much anticipation ensued. 

They arrived quite late & after great help & communication from the helper at the airport we got them back to my sons house at around 11pm & proceeded to just sit & watch them play on the grass for about 2 hours – we had a feeling this may have been their first experience of grass. What a joy it was to see. 

This is no tale of trials & tribulations as I’m happy, almost embarrassed to say they have been wonderful from day one. They spent their first night together & then I took Elroy home with me & we have been virtually inseparable since with lots of visits to see his brother. They are both good on the lead (when not together), great in the car, friendly almost to a fault with other dogs & children & so far little contact with cats. They’re not at all fussy eaters & generally good at recall although with a slight tendency to wander off. Luckily I have all the time in the world & my day is pretty much built around taking him to the park or woods. 

I am so delighted that WAHF looked past the somewhat closed attitude of the shelters who turned me down & allowed me to give Elroy a home – he says “woof” to that.’

– Dennis Lacey

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