‘When my daughter was a year old we decided to get a dog – my husband and I both grew up with and loved dogs and wanted the same for my daughter. I contacted a few local dog shelters and was turned away because of the young age of our daughter. I came across Wild at Heart Foundation who were very particular about matching a dog who not only was “good” with kids but also had the right temperament to be in a house with a small child, not requiring constant attention or too boisterous but still loving.

After only a short amount of searching, Dottie arrived! She is quite an anxious dog but once she feels comfortable she is very loyal and loving. To begin with we did have a few teething problems however, retrospectively I can see Dottie was just trying to find her place in our family. WAHF helped us to show Dottie her barriers and in no time she was settled and very much a part of “us”.

Dottie has gone from strength to strength, she will always have an anxious part of her personality but she is now very settled. She has given us a great routine and is constantly loving and happy. I often receive compliments from strangers about how beautiful or well behaved she is and I am very proud to say she is a rescue dog. I hope to get a little friend for Dottie in the near future and will definitely be using WAHF as I know they’ll find the right one for our family.’

– Ella Mayall

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