Oliver and Johanna always agreed that they wanted to adopt a medium sized, scruffy looking dog. They were introduced to the Foundation by a family friend who had also just recently adopted. One day whilst waiting to catch a ferry home from Normandy, the couple came across Dora, a scruffy Wire-haired Griffon mix, who had just been added to our website that day – their hearts suddenly leapt and they couldn’t help but register their interest and get the ball rolling to bring her home!

When they collected Dora they were asked where she would sleep by our transporters, they quickly explained that Dora was so loving that she’d no doubt end up on the bed with them… and of course she has! She slept through the night from day one and is still the last one to wake up in the morning! Over the course of the first few days, Dora discovered her new garden and couldn’t wait to explore, she was regularly running around like a maniac, playing with her toys and revelling in all the cuddles from her family!

It took her a little while to conquer walking on the lead but now Dora can’t wait to go for walkies! She is incredibly social and loves playing with people and other dogs, going to the park is now one of the best moments of her day. Dora is extremely clever and she picks up tricks & commands easily, albeit sometimes showing her stubborn streak! Recall has been their biggest challenge because she’s an independent little lady who becomes distracted but Dora is getting there!

Oliver and Johanna say she has a face that melts your heart – which essentially means they are completely under her control and she gets her way no matter what – but they wouldn’t have it any other way! Dora just celebrated her first birthday and to know that life could have been a whole lot different for Dora who battled parvovirus whilst in Greece, they couldn’t imagine any other life for her now and they are so glad she is part of theirs.

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