‘We already had three adorable rescue greyhounds (each unplanned), and had lost our little Yorkie to old age almost a year earlier. I decided I couldn’t do without my little one and after a long search came upon this lovely little face on the WAHF purely by chance. I immediately got in touch and the rest is history!

Caramel, now Dinky was no stranger, I felt I knew that little face right away. She had to be with me. The few weeks wait felt like an eternity but at about 1am on 21st July 2016 we finally met when we collected her at the end of her long journey from Cyprus. She won our hearts right away and settled in with our three large hounds really well. She has now taken total control of the pack and is loved by all!

It has been a really unexpected experience, we had never adopted from abroad and it felt a bit daunting to begin with but WAHF contacted us and took us through the adoption process step by step and it was plain sailing from there. It was so smooth and easy, they did absolutely everything from start to finish and all we had to do was wait for our new family member to arrive.

Thank you all for all your dedication and hard work, so much care is given to these poor lost souls and the effort to give them all the chance of a new life is extraordinary. We are so happy to have found you.’

– Dianne Heap

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