‘We rescued Delilah just before Christmas last year and it was without doubt the best decision we could have made. She has had such a positive impact on our lives and we simply can’t imagine being without her. Whether it be cuddles on the sofa in the evening, the way she wakes us up in the morning with a lick and a nuzzle or the long walks in the forest at the weekend she has undoubtedly changed our lives for the better. Coming home after work and seeing how happy she is to see us and taking her for a walk around the park in the evening is lovely even on the darkest, wettest winter nights.

The first couple of months were a challenge as she was getting used to us and her new surroundings – there were of course the inevitable toilet accidents and a few sleepless nights. Having her has been a big commitment as we now have to plan carefully in advance if we want to go away for the weekend or go out for the night and it has meant compromising our plans at times in order to look after her.¬†However, we don’t regret our decision for a moment and the joy she has brought to our lives far outweighs any of the drawbacks.

We can’t think Wild At Heart Foundation enough for introducing us to Delilah and making the adoption process so smooth.’

–¬†Richard Paul

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