Dahli and her siblings were rescued by our partner shelter in Bulgaria and were all adopted in the UK late last year. Originally no one had shown interest in Dahli and her adopters Fleur & Tom couldn’t understand why (we couldn’t either!) Buying a puppy was never an option as they were far too aware of the street dog population, so when they saw Dahli they thought she was gorgeous and perfect for them!

Dahli has always been extremely gentle natured and a real clever clogs, which you can all marvel at over on Instagram @thecotswoldspooch, but it took her some time to find her stride and develop her confidence. With the help of puppy training classes and Fleur’s family dogs, Dahli slowly began coming out of her shell with other dogs! She was also very nervous around roads but with lots of positive reinforcement training she now happily trots along the busiest roads. What a smart girl!

The first time Dahli was allowed off lead she virtually stuck to their side but had the best time of her life. Fast forward a few months and they took Dahli to Cornwall with them where she got to run around on St Ives beach. Here she didn’t stop running, digging, sniffing and sticking her head in the sand. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and the couple were overjoyed to see her having so much fun.

Fleur and Tom are immensely proud of themselves and Dahli, for all they have overcome, in such a short time, together… and so they should be! It wasn’t easy but dog ownership never is – whether rescue or not – you get out what you put in and clearly their dedication has paid off. They can now take Dahli into any situation and she’ll be the most well behaved and confident dog and that’s all testament to their understanding and patient nature!

Thank you to Fleur and Tom for giving Dahli her best life!

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