‘I don’t know where to start really, Cosmo is such a part of the family now I can not imagine life without him.

I’ve been trying to work out how to describe him, and I think the first thing that comes to mind is his patience – even as a little pup he has always been so calm with whatever is going on, he happily comes to work with me half the week, I have an office/studio full of young people and he loves it and he stays at home with my wife when she works from home the rest of the week. He never bothers us in the morning, will always just wait until he sees what’s going on.

Cosmo is pretty smart, and definitely thrives from playing games and being on walks but will wait patiently until the opportunity for either of those things arrives! He loves a tug of war more than anything. He’s never chewed things up or been too badly behaved.

He was a really fussy eater as a pup which I found weird after always having greedy Spaniels in my family – some days he just wasn’t bothered, or would come and eat in his own sweet time – but he seems to have gone through that phase!

He learns very quickly and was well behaved off the lead in no time at all. He is incredibly inquisitive and wants to say hello to absolutely every single dog he sees – he has never been aggressive in the slightest but his confidence and cocky walk definitely seemed to rub some dogs up the wrong way…

He is very affectionate, tolerant of kids and people he doesn’t know and is just an all round little dude.

As the testosterone started to flow it was interesting seeing him venture further and further from us, and particularly looking for females – he was literally obsessed with trying to find someone to hump, his recall utterly disappeared as he had far more interesting and important things to do! He always came back but in his own sweet time. He scared us a couple of times running out the park after females and got duffed up a couple of times by neutered males so the time came to have him neutered.

Cosmo loves tearing around chasing other dogs or being chased, and absolutely loves his ball. He is pretty lucky and gets 2 decent park walks a day in the week and a bigger walk at the weekend- he’s got a good crew of dogs he sees regularly and is a happy little chap.

He stays with one of our friends who lives a couple of roads away when we are away and he adores him too, he is perfectly calm and happy to stay with people he knows and likes but always makes a fuss when he sees us again!

We feel very blessed to have him and he is my little mate, I always miss him the days he’s not with me.’

– James Payne

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