‘… What if he doesn’t like us?

… What if he poos all over the house?

… What if there’s NO dog and this is a scam?!

I don’t know where to begin in explaining all the crazy things that went through my head when we decided to adopt a 6 year old rescue dog from Cyprus.

Thankfully for us, the process couldn’t have been smoother. From the moment we reserved him on Instagram, to the moment we picked him up from the airport, Wild At Heart Foundation have been nothing short of amazing. Everything was organised for us – PET scheme, passport, vaccinations, travel arrangements. You name it, they sorted it. It was so easy it didn’t feel real.

When Chino arrived it was like Christmas had come early but we had to put our excitement aside and remind ourselves that this was a middle aged dog who had suddenly been abandoned and was most likely to feel confused and lost. After a few days he gradually came out of his shell and started showing affection and signs of excitement. Within a week he’d forgotten about his travel crate and was sleeping on the bed!

Having come from a settled home, we haven’t experienced any issues with Chino and for this, we are very lucky. Six months on Chino is still showing us new sides to his personality and we can’t imagine ours lives without him.

Stav-muffin, Brioche-bum, My Little Prince, Chino-Beano, Little Lord Fauntleroy – we wouldn’t change you for the world and we love you lots.

None of this would have been possible without the help of Wild at Heart Foundation and for this we are eternally grateful. When the right dog comes up, we would not hesitate in adopting a rescue again.

Thank you Wild at Heart Foundation.’

– Loan Nguy

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