Valentines Day was extra special for us this year because it was also the day that Cassie arrived in the UK, all the way from Bahrain, to join their family. It was love at first sight for the couple, who just knew that Cassie was the one for them…and so, how fitting that her arrival date was 14th February!

Cassie’s transition into family life was one of the smoothest we’ve seen, not least because Sandra dedicated a whole lot of time to this beautiful Bahraini rescue (even keeping her company overnight!) And it wasn’t only Sandra and Peter who were welcoming Cassie with open arms…Cassie also had 3 four-legged siblings to meet! Ex-bait dog Ellie, in particular, has taken Cassie under her wing, showing her the ropes of the household.

Not knowing the background of a rescue dog is often part of the parcel when rescuing (and part of the adventure!) which is why nobody quite knew why Cassie seemed more anxious around men. It took her 3 weeks in her new home before she approached Peter, nudging him for a cuddle…and what a special moment that was! Cassie had finally realised that this was her new home, and there was nothing to fear anymore…something she celebrated with several zoomies laps of the garden!

Sandra and Peter were expecting house training to be an area that needed work, but Cassie actually surpassed all their expectations (something to do with Ellie’s mentoring we think!) It was actually recall that took the most work but, showing how resilient rescue dogs can be, Cassie soon got the hang of this too and it wasn’t long before she was enjoying off-lead walkies with her new doggy pals…it’s amazing what a persuasive tool cheddar can be!

Having three dogs already, not much has changed for Sandra and Dave, except that there’s now 4 lot’s of cuddles and licky kisses to be shared! Cassie has filled the hole in their family that was left by their beloved boy Haggis, who was with them for 17 years. We think Cassie’s done a wonderful job of honouring his place in their family. Thank you Sandra, Peter and family for letting us share your story!


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