‘Buster, as a 7 month old Carpathian mountain shepherd dog mix joined our family of two black Labs (and two humans) in October 2014 after unfortunately having to be re-homed due to no fault of his own other than being a very traumatised little dog. To begin with he was wary and afraid of everything (grass, leaves, air, furniture, socks, food … EVERYTHING!!) as he had only had limited experiences as a puppy owing to him being the last of 7 puppies to be re-homed and had never really been ‘part’ of a pack. Four months later he is a fully signed up member of the family, can out-cute his (hugely adorable) brother and sister, has fully integrated into our pack, is playful, wonderfully artful … and clearly very happy.

He is playful and loves having hugs which is just as well because we cannot walk past without giving him a squeeze. He stands there and scratches our legs when he wants more! We has a wonderful family with Bella and Bailey and he is such a fabulous addition. They are all so different and yet equally adorable. We think he will most probably want to be alpha dog which is fine as we think that it currently weighs heavy on Bailey’s shoulders who would rather not have that burden.

There are no more rewarding moments than watching him speed across the lawn, either in pursuit of or being pursued by Bailey and Bella, and then hurtle back in the opposite direction 10 seconds later. He responds to training, jostles for treats and has perfect manners. Apart from anything else he is a great pet.

We have never done anything more rewarding than offer Buster a home. He has more than returned the favour by finding and being himself. It has been and continues to be a total joy.

We would urge anyone, who has the love and commitment for owning a dog, to give a rescue dog the chance of a new life. It has been a hugely rewarding experience for us and we would do the same again and again when circumstances allow.’

-Simon Chambers

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