‘Having relocated from Liverpool to London, and with it my adoring and gorgeous family dog (Fosse) 10 years ago, I talked constantly of getting a dog in London. Whenever anyone asked whether I missed Liverpool and why I visited so frequently, it was always Fosse (also a rescue dog).

2017 was a big year where I decided to make some much needed lifestyle changes, leaving my job and becoming freelance, moving flats so I had a garden and the final part – getting a puppy to make my flat a home!

I always knew it would be a rescue pup, as I simply don’t understand why you would do other!  Having scoured a few websites, my boss at the time and fabulous friend Caroline introduced me to WAHF and when we saw Bruce it was love at first sight!

Bruce was marked reserved when I saw him online, but I completed the adoption form explaining that Bruce was exactly what I was looking for. WAHF shortly got in touch to say his family had fallen through and did I want him still. Fate was working in my favour!

His arrival date was Saturday 9th September and I was in Vegas on holiday! My Mum and two friends offered to collect Bruce for me and settle him into my flat before my return on the Monday. Although he arrived smelling worse than anything they had ever smelt he was a hit instantly and won hearts straight away, including mine on Facetime!

He was nervous of both other dogs and people in the first weeks, but his journey is remarkable. He has the most brilliant personality and has enjoyed each and every adventure. He now lives his London life to the full frequenting pubs, restaurants, puppy daycare and travelling by train. He is infamous locally and is so handsome he always wins over many fans!

Brucey is full of energy and is relentless in his quest for mischief but absolutely adorable and I wouldn’t change him for the world (well other than better behaved!!!). I have been extremely fortunate that friends and family have welcomed him and help when I’m working in the evenings and Bruce loves nothing more than spending time with our friends or in daycare with his canine friends. It is unbelievable he has only been in our lives for 3 months, it has been a whirlwind of destruction, naughtiness but most notably unconditional love.

He is really well socialised and having the support of Dave to help with his quirks is invaluable. Thank you to the WAHF team and of course Nikki who are an inspiration with the work that they do. You are amazing and both Bruce and I are forever grateful. I couldn’t hold WAHF in higher regard – it is incredible what they do and how many lives (both canine and human) they constantly change and they are with you every step of the way.

Best tip – I played a fireworks sound effects album from early on, whilst Brucey was confident and relaxed at home, building up to playing it whilst we were out walking (yes I looked like a crazy lady!!) resulting in him being as calm as anything on firework night.

Insta: @MrBruceCarter’

– Kia Hanly

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