‘It was thanks to the wonderful Rosie Londoner’s blog that I discovered ‘Wild at Heart Foundation’. We had been idly talking about getting a dog for a while, but when I saw Belka’s (née Dora) profile on Instagram one day, I fell in love. I would never have pursued the fantasy, but Mo was adamant that we had to have Belka in our lives!

Our intention had always been to adopt, but the reality of actually doing so, especially from another country, was very daunting. Everyone we knew said we were mad. ‘What if she’s unmanageable?’ they argued. ‘How will you cope if she is aggressive?’, they protested. Fortunately, they are all eating their words now!

Belka arrived scruffy and travel worn in our friends’ little red car just over a year ago and, after a little groom and a lesson in walking on tiled floors, honestly we’ve never looked back. She was a delight from the very start and has been a wonderful addition to our weird little menagerie.

She is the gentlest creature imaginable. She never barks. She can learn tricks in minutes. She travels well. She’s great with cats and even the tiniest children. She can’t leave the house without being complemented and surrounded by admirers. I could go on and on…

Belka has made a big difference to our lives, but also to others’. She often spends weekends with Mo’s family in the country and has even helped his mother settle in to her new rural community, when she retired last summer. Dog walkers love to stop for a good chat! To top that off, she recently won best rescue in the local village dog show, ably handled by Mo’s niece.

We can’t thank you, the team at the Wild at Heart Foundation, enough for bringing Belka into our lives. We’d do it all again in a heartbeat.’

– Lucy Tittle and Mo Shawwa

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