This Romanian chap bundled into Lydia and Mark’s lives after they stumbled across his profile, realising that he’d make an excellent companion for their current pup Kevin. He was also ridiculously adorable which helped the couple’s decision to give him a loving home!

Despite having waited a month to meet the little guy, it was love at first sight for Bear who leaped into Lydia’s arms. Soon enough, after a quick sniff around his new home, he settled in front of the TV with his new brother, feeling safe enough to doze off.

It soon became clear that Bear had never had a home before; he was clumsy around the house and inquisitive of everything…a little too inquisitive when it came to the skirting boards! He was also anxious around dogs who weren’t Kevin and grew overly protective of food, toys and his new mum. The couple knew this pup would need the patience and perseverance required for training, but they also knew he was totally worth it!

Things started looking up once they introduced Bear to a crate. Not only could Lydia and Mark stop worrying about Bear hurting himself (and the house!) but Bear has come to love having his own private space. The couple realised what a totally new environment this was for Bear, and took steps to soothe his anxieties…he’s now the loving, playful and caring dog that was inside him all along!

A particularly memorable moment was when the couple hired a local dog field so that Bear could properly stretch his legs. Within half an hour he was covered in mud! But how lovely to see Bear relax and play freely with his brother.

Looking back on where Bear started, Lydia and Mark are quite rightly proud of how far he’s come and cannot imagine their lives without him. A huge thank you to them both for sharing their journey with us, and for never giving up on Bear!

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