‘My daughter begged for a dog for about five years and I finally gave in to the idea when she told me her childhood would be ruined without one! I was worried about our two cats and the commitment to a dog seemed huge. However there was part of me that wanted a dog too. I knew friends who were involved with Wild At Heart Foundation and started looking on their Instagram account because my husband Luke and I had once fallen in love with a Cypriot poodle on a country walk.

I was in France in August 2016,  when I saw the adorable photograph of ‘Ava’ looking up at me with her sweet white scruffy face and black eyes. She was about two months old and too cute. She was described as a poodle cross and I knew she was the one –  although I felt a little apprehensive at not being able to meet her first and asked a few questions by email.

The next morning I received a call to say Ava had been reserved to someone else and that lots of people had wanted to adopt her. I was heartbroken. However, there was a misunderstanding and by  twist of fate it all worked out and Ava was due to travel to us in October last year. When I told my daughter she burst into tears of joy.

We were lucky that Ava and her mother had been fostered by an amazing lady who lives in Cyprus and so when she arrived she was pretty calm and just as adorable as she had seemed in the photograph. I had been worried that she would be traumatised leaving her mother, but she settled relatively quickly.

The first two weeks were quite hard: it was difficult to get used to her routine and all her walks and needs. She used to pee in the house quite a lot and that was difficult as our new wood floors were getting stained as was the carpet on the stairs, but that all seems in the distant past now.

Life is definitely enhanced by having Ava. We are all in love with her; she is the sweetest, calmest, most loving little dog. She is pleased to see us even if we leave the house for five minutes, so it’s always a joy to come home or wake up to see her wagging her tail.’

– Kate Morris

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