You may have read Ernie’s success story, now meet his brother, Ace! His new adopter, Patrick, had had little success trying to adopt from a UK shelter largely owing to living in busy London. But when Ace arrived from Greece in November 2019, having won everybody over with his fluffy ears, Patrick finally had the companionship he’d been looking for, and Ace was pretty happy too!

Like his brother, it took Ace a while to grow accustomed to his new life but it had been love at first sight for Patrick, so there was no going back! Being from Greece, Ace wasn’t familiar with crowds, vehicles or loud noises, so Patrick understood the need to be patient but firm, encouraging him with positive reinforcement but still taking things at his pace. Given time and love, Ace now loves being around people (and even the cat!) and mooching around the garden. But most of all, he loves trips to the park where he gets to meet other dogs!

As if by perfect timing, Ace came into Patrick’s life only a few months before lockdown. Having Ace around, and having the extra time to take him on longer-than-usual walks, has made lockdown all the more bearable for Patrick, who attests to the physical and mental wellbeing that comes from dog ownership.

Patrick and Ace’s most memorable moment together was taking a trip to see family in Ireland. Ace was a trooper for the whole journey, sitting by Patrick’s feet on the train and hopping into a crate on the ferry…a far cry from the pup who arrived in November, nervous of strange vehicles! And what a trip it was, watching Ace hold his own alongside sheepdogs, running over the Mayo hills.

There’s one more thing that Patrick would like you all to know; that getting a rescue dog will change your life! A huge thank you to Patrick for giving Ace the perfect home, and for sharing his and Ace’s adoption journey.

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