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Send to a Friend – A Guide For Meeting Their Dog

3rd December

Hi there,

If you’re reading this, you either have a friend with a dog, or you have one yourself.

Whatever the reason is, this article is not about how to get a dog to behave, it’s all about how to get ourselves to behave. And all we can ask to begin with, is please read on with kindness, compassion and understanding. No owner goes in to owning a dog looking forward to it being reactive, fearful or just plain grumpy, but it can be extremely emotional and exhausting for them. By sending this, or reading it with you, they are only doing their best to ensure everyone is as happy and loved as can be.

It is important to note, this information is not behavioural advice and is only meant to help with education, compassion and understanding. If you see any of the following nervous behaviours in your dog, we highly recommend consulting a clinical behaviourist to prevent the behaviour from becoming learnt or deteriorating. If you see any sudden changes in your dog’s behaviour, consult a vet as soon as possible to rule out underlying health conditions. 

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