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The roadmap to post-pandemic life and what it means for our dogs

16th March
As the government’s roadmap to life post-Covid creeps ever closer, we’re looking at just a few of the ways that our dogs will be affected by the changes. While we might be itching to hit the pub and see loved ones again, we owe it to our dogs not to forget them at what may be a worrying time for them – after all, they’ve been there for us through it all so it’s only right that we return the favour!

Dogs are particularly perceptive when it comes to changes and while some will take it all in their stride, others will need more time and gentle, positive encouragement to help them adjust. With some big changes on the horizon – whether you’re heading back into the office or planning a long-overdue family get-together – it’s important to know which category your dog falls into and the key areas to watch out for.

Here at Wild at Heart Foundation, we want all our dogs to enjoy these changes as much as we will so we’ve put together a guide of the things to watch out for and some handy tips for re-introducing your dog to life as we once knew it!

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